Master Plan for Jurong East to Encompass New Amenities

Master Plan for Jurong East to Encompass New Amenities

The Master Plan for Jurong East (JLD) aims to create a vibrant, liveable business district with a thriving street life. The plan also envisions 20,000 new homes and close attention to place making. As part of the JLD master plan, KCAP architects have been appointed to lead the design team.

Jurong Lake District is a game-changer for Singapore

The Jurong Lake District masterplan is a vision for a new urban centre in the southern part of Singapore. It features a mix of commercial, cultural, and leisure offerings. The plan is also centered on sustainable development, innovation, and technology. It also calls for a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment. In addition, the district will have 16 hectares of parkland.

The development plan also includes an integrated transport hub for the Jurong East region. This transport hub will link up commercial, recreational, and residential developments. The IBM Smarter Cities team is currently working with local agencies and other stakeholders to identify planning issues. It will also work with small businesses and non-profit organisations to help shape the future of the Jurong Lake District.

It offers a live-work-play environment

Jurong East is a mixed-use development with good housing and close proximity to major employment areas and recreational amenities. It is also a growing regional centre, with its Jurong Lake District undergoing an exciting transformation into a premier regional business hub. Improvements in recreational facilities and accessibility will further enhance the quality of life for residents of Jurong East. This vibrant district features a variety of housing options, including Teban View, the J Gateway condominium, and Teban Gardens Road.

Jurong East is also home to two major waterbodies – Jurong Lake and Pandan Reservoir. The lakes are well-connected by bicycle, foot, and car, and are also home to parks and recreational areas. The waterfront is lined with canopy trees, which provide shade and act as nature ways for wildlife.

It will have 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes

The Government is planning to develop large parcels of land in Jurong Lake District for residential purposes, aiming to generate 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes. The 360-hectare district was earmarked for new growth in the 2008 Master Plan. Currently, around 160 hectares remain for development. Of this, 40 percent is set aside for residential purposes.

There are plans to turn Jurong Lake District into the largest mixed-use district in the suburbs by 2040. The new residential and commercial buildings will be close to the Jurong Lakeside precinct and will be accessible via the Jurong Region Line. A new MRT station is planned to be built right opposite the BTO site in the next few years.

It will be integrated with surrounding areas

The master plan for Jurong East will integrate existing and future developments in a way that preserves the urban fabric of the surrounding area. The design will utilize underground space and co-locate public transportation and pedestrian links. The plan will also incorporate a series of sustainable infrastructure systems.

The new development will include public spaces, courtyards, through-block pedestrian links and retail and F&B offerings on the ground floors. A total of 16 hectares of new parks will be added to the Jurong district. These include Central Park over the HSR terminus and the area around the former Jurong Town Hall. There will also be a green connector loop that can be used for various sports and recreational activities. In addition, the 90-hectare Jurong Lake Gardens will be extended into the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The Jurong Lake District is a regional hub in west Singapore. It is expected to become the second city-region in Singapore, as well as the largest commercial area outside the city centre. The proposed master plan includes a new mixed-use business district around the future HSR terminus, as well as an extensive greenery area.

It will be fully developed in 20 to 30 years

The Jurong East Master Plan aims to transform the area into a thriving commercial hub with world-class office towers, shopping malls and hotels. It will also inject leisure and entertainment facilities into the Lakeside precinct. This is a good time to buy property in Jurong East.

This master plan is expected to take 15 years to fully develop, but properties located within the precinct may begin seeing benefits before then. While Jurong East has become the second CBD of Singapore, its sibling, Jurong West, has lagged behind. The area lacks major entertainment and lifestyle hubs. However, the upcoming Tuas Megaport will help the Jurong area.

The Jurong East Master Plan is also expected to address traffic issues by creating a better transportation system. Public transport will have priority, while district roads will feature more space for pedestrians, cyclists and personal mobility devices. Additionally, there will be a new road to the Ayer Rajah Expressway that will divert traffic from Jurong Town Hall Road.

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