Chip Eng Seng Real Estate Developer Park Colonial Condo

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Real Estate has become one of the biggest players in the economy. This kind of business has a huge market in this century, as more property investors are growing each year. Singapore’s top Real Estate company, the Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd is one of the biggest construction companies in Singapore. It is operated and managed by the Chip Eng Seng Contractors with the CES Engineering & Construction. This company is known not just in Singapore, but in other parts of the world as well, because of its state of the art projects.

Chip Eng Seng Corporation Construction Park Colonial Condo

Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd recently won the “Most Transparent Company” given by the Investor’s Choice Awards. The award is under the “Construction” category. The said an award-giving body was conceptualized by the Securities Investors Association in Singapore and has been giving out this kind of award for the companies who practice good transparency. This proves that the company adheres to company transparency. This will help them gain more confidence and trust from the clients. Park Colonial is also a development by Chip Eng Seng and is located at Woodleigh MRT Station.

The company’s owner, Mr. Lim Tiam Seng, initialized the business concept in 1960’s. Back then, they are the sub-contractors for small properties. Seng and his men’s hard work paid off as the business starts growing until the company became the main contractor. Chip Eng Seng Group’s company highlight was when they won their first account as the main contractor in HDB which is Singapore’s Housing and Development Board. This paved the way for more housing and construction projects in HDB.

Chip Eng Seng Real Estate Developer at Woodleigh MRT Station

The company continued to boom and opened more opportunities for its employees as they expanded. Chip Eng Seng added residential developments. With this, they attracted more clients especially that their constructions are stylish, comfortable and economical. In addition to this, Chip Eng Seng also offered commercial and industrial property investments. These were all made possible in the 1990’s.

Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station

CES clients were more than happy to learn about the expansion. More clients continued patronizing CES’s property development. The company remained one of the country’s leading real estate firm. Their clientele ranges from Singapore’s top business owners and company executives to the simple unit owners. CES marked its credibility and reliability to different classes of society. The company is flexible in terms of meeting their client’s needs.

No doubt that Chip Eng Seng is one of the largest company in the field of construction and property development. It will be expected that the business will progress even more as a lot of people considers investing in real estate nowadays.

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