Parc Riviera Fixed Price on Launching Date

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Parc Riviera tender details indicates that the designer possibly will be constructing a residential estate with 2 facings, one facing towards the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) while the other faces the open field. At this time, plans concerning the open field have not yet been made. Based on study carried out on necessities for different buyers’ profile. Parc Riviera will require more facings close to the open field as it bears less noise unlike the expressway facings which has more noise. Parc Riviera condo is erected on a large piece of land approximately 18,908.7 meters square which supposed that the space between blocks are larger and as a result there will be personal space for residents and privacy will be safeguarded.

Parc Riviera EL Development Fixed Price

Parc Riviera location is beyond comparison as it is nearer to many shopping centres like 321 Clementi and Clementi Mall. Many owners will also be lucky because of the short distance between Parc Riviera and Jurong East. Similarly, we can watch out that there will be further transport alternatives from one place to another in Jurong East area with the modern High Speed Railway Terminus. Parc Riviera is also well positioned in to move to other areas of Singapore like the city area. With Forests, Jurong West as well as the City all proximate to Clementi MRT Station, Parc Riviera seems to be the best choice location. Being situated between Jurong East and Clementi Town means that the residential estate is well located.

Parc Riviera Full Price List

A wide variety of features is available at Parc Riviera. It is supposed that the Residential Estate will be a full condo building that will feature a tennis court, swimming pool, function room and other facilities to establish an all-inclusive lifestyle for the occupants. Plans are previously ongoing to erect Parc Riviera to a 595 development unit. The need for these units may be quite better for the construction as opposed to other projects as the land’s price demanded by EL Development is quite low. Based on the nature of the land, Parc Riviera units will have a virtually North-South alignment. This north south alignment guarantees a more breeze in the construction as both sides of the construction is unblocked.

Parc Riviera West Coast Vale

Spaces between Parc Riviera blocks are also admirable simply because of no space restriction. The structure’s contractor has done his work accurately with its designers and architects and is aware that EL Development has to balance between apportioning a more solid development and giving residents a definite security in their privacy. Arc Riviera contains three to five bedroom units and two types of facing that is, West Coast Road facing and Ayer Rajah Expressway . Lastly, units from 6th floor and beyond are capable of getting unblock view.…